I’ve co-hosted several podcasts over the years.  The first podcast I ever joined was called Gotham Central and was originally formed as a weekly commentary on the Gotham TV show…until we realized that none of us actually liked the show.  We pivoted to talking about comics and nerd culture and that lasted a few years.

Around the same time I started a book-reading podcast called The Reformed Library which took off really well.  It ended when my co-host went through some personal tragedy.  I’ve always hoped this one would re-start.  I read lots of books, don’t take sufficient notes, and would love to synthesize my thoughts afterwards.  I’ve learned that I’m not a disciplined writer, but as a pod-caster I can capture my thoughts more extemporaneously.

Finally, in 2019 I launched a comic book/nerd culture podcast with one of my best friends.  We’re based in Cincinnati and as chance would have it, so is the Museum Center which is what the Hall of Justice was originally based on.  Since the Hall of Justice (and every other podcast name ever) was taken, we settled on the Hall of Just-Us.  It sounds like it is pretentious, but it is really just from desperation.  I would love to add more podcasts to my repertoire, but I haven’t found the right project yet.