Quick & Painless Pedal Demos

This is a series of videos that I’m going to continue making until I run out of pedals. I always want to know what a pedal can do so in each demonstration I push each setting to its max, turn it down to the minimum, and see what kind of range it has. Most pedals have endless possibilities and I don’t pretend to exhaust them, but I do everything I can to give you a good feel for what the pedal can do to both a clean amp and a dirty amp.

Also, I hate when pedal reviewers use obscure or rare guitars that have unfamiliar tones. All of my demos are done on an Fender American Professional Stratocaster using the neck pickup. That might not be the most universal setting, but it is consistent and accessible.  I hope you enjoy! If you’d like to see a certain pedal demonstrated then leave a comment on a video and please subscribe for future videos as that will help me make more!

One final note ~ I errantly called these videos “reviews” when I first started them, but they are just demos. That being said, every pedal I demonstrate has my tacit endorsement. I’m not going to waste an hour of my life video editing for some piece of junk that I don’t like!